Fairfield, Illinois is an incredible city that has endless opportunities for both you and your family. Located off Interstate Highway 64, Fairfield and neighboring cities of Hubbard, Boyleston, Jeffersonville and Merriam all are welcoming communities to live. Fairfield is excited to have various growing opportunities making it the ideal city to grow a family in.

Fairfield can thank its growing economy to its diverse job base. If you are looking for a job in or near the city, you can check in the healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, transportation, warehousing industries and more! If you have children, Fairfield City Schools are a great place for your child to start their academic career. Fairfield also has ample higher education opportunities at Frontier Community College which offers degree programs such as Nursing, Pre-nursing, Phlebotomy, Emergency Care, Information Technology and more. Visit the Fairfield area today to see if it's the perfect place for your family to call home!